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The Shell Collapsar established in GR

A consistent description is possible for gravitationally collapsed bodies in General Relativity, in which collapse stops before the object reaches its gravitational radius. Non-singular solutions exist with the density reaching a maximum close to the surface and then decreasing towards … Continue reading

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Gravitational collapse without black holes

The contemporary notion of black holes originates in Oppenheimer and Snyder’s 1939 article “On Continued Gravitational Contraction” (Phys. Rev. 56:455, 1939).  Later Roger Penrose (Phys. Rev. Lett. 14:57, 1965)  showed that the O&S metric gave rise to trapped surfaces, ie. … Continue reading

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Black Holes and whacky physics on BBC’s Horizon

The Horizon programme’s Who’s afraid of a big black hole (BBC2 16 Feb. and BBC4 19 Feb. 2012) shows how badly so-called ‘leading physicists’ have departed from solid analytical physics. This programme was a vehicle for physics-mystics; giving up on making their … Continue reading

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Let’s dare to question quantum magic!

What a surprise from New Scientist’s editor.  Has caught on to the criticisms from a “small band of rebels” starting from Einstein, who point out quantum mechanics does not describe one of its central tenets, namely collapse of the wave … Continue reading

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Can we celebrate Defeat for the Photon by Maxwell-Planck theory?

Success for SPUC and Maxwell-Planck theory is reported in Wikipedia as “experimental prediction of SED dubbed ‘spontaneous parametric up-conversion’ (SPUC) was tested in 2009 and 2010 with positive results.”   [consulted 1 Aug.2011] The formulations of both the Chinese (2009) and Indian (2010) … Continue reading

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Counter-examples to the photon model – striking at fundamentals of the beleaguered string theory

Scientists interested in micromanipulation predict that certain micron-sized particles experience a backward force from a forward propagating light beam.  Such a prediction is inexplicable on the photon model of light.  The Chinese group’s paper uses the Lorentz-Mie expansion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading

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Einstein’s GR is thriving as Theory of Gravitation

GR is thriving despite newest guru Ferreira.  How curious that Pedro Ferreira views General Relativity (GR) as unchanged since the Einstein-Hilbert field equation of 1915 (New Scientist, 9 Oct. 2010, Relativity goes large).  Einstein’s prediction of gravitational radiation (quadrupole formula) … Continue reading

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