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Context for Parametric conversion in semi-classical optics

Expansion and references to the 2009 ABB conference abstract While quantum theory is an incomplete description of reality (Einstein), its validity as a description of light/photons in non-linear crystals is questionable.  In the parametric down-conversion (PDC) phenomenon, a single-frequency laser beam … Continue reading

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Parametric conversion in semi-classical optics

Poster-paper at the Aharonov Bohm and Berry Phase Anniversary (ABB 50/25) Conference at Bristol, 14-15 December 2009: Trevor W Marshall & Max K Wallis (Cardiff University) The rainbow of down-converted radiation emerging from a laser-pumped nonlinear crystal has a natural … Continue reading

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Can we celebrate Defeat for the Photon by Maxwell-Planck theory?

Success for SPUC and Maxwell-Planck theory is reported in Wikipedia as “experimental prediction of SED dubbed ‘spontaneous parametric up-conversion’ (SPUC) was tested in 2009 and 2010 with positive results.”   [consulted 1 Aug.2011] The formulations of both the Chinese (2009) and Indian (2010) … Continue reading

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Counter-examples to the photon model – striking at fundamentals of the beleaguered string theory

Scientists interested in micromanipulation predict that certain micron-sized particles experience a backward force from a forward propagating light beam.  Such a prediction is inexplicable on the photon model of light.  The Chinese group’s paper uses the Lorentz-Mie expansion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading

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Challenge to fans of QM ‘photons’

Describing light as ‘photons’ is of course just a model; QM is just a series of calculation procedures (algorithms), Schrödinger’s “Cat” paradox showed it to be self-contradictory, which remains unresolved, though fans of QM indulge in semantics (‘apparent’ paradox – … Continue reading

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