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Neutrinos do Cherenkov, don’t they?

CERN theorists seem baffled, but it’s no surprise that standard physics predicts supraluminal (FtL) neutrinos to slow down via Cherenkov radiation analogous to FtL charged particles, although Cohen & Glashow call it bremstrahlung of electron-positron pairs. Cherenkov radiation is best depicted by analogy with … Continue reading

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Astrobiology = mainstream science, not protoscience

Astrobiology is mainstream Science, but String theory only emerging ‘Protoscience’ Prasanta Bandyopadhyay and colleagues at the interface between Astrobiology & Philosophy, at Montana State University, have responded to the criticism of their Origins 2011 Poster. Astrobiology is to be seen … Continue reading

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Origins2011: Denial of panspermia to Europa

Several moons of the giant planets that are substantially of ice possess probable internal oceans if they have internal heating sources (Kevin Hand; 7a-1).  Concerned to argue their biology would be independent and therefore novel, he dismissed panspermia from Earth.  … Continue reading

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Origins2011: Challenge to Astrobiology as Science

Who dares question astrobiology as science? The challenge to Astrobiology as science in Poster P9-6 appears misconceived.  First, it  is not an “emerging science” but an assemblage of scientific  disciplines covering emergence and evolution of life in the universe (cf. … Continue reading

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15 Years since NASA claimed martian life in ALH84001

15 Years since NASA claimed signs of martian life in ALH84001 President Bill Clinton made a speech to make the discovery of signs of life in this martian meteorite.  David McKay’s paper in Science in 1996 became one of the … Continue reading

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Origins-2011 conference opens in Montpellier

Joint Conference of ISSOL and Bioastronomy 3 July 2011 Does the willingness of the Origins-of-Life community to engage with astrobiologists not imply tacit recognition that life may have started in or beyond the solar system? After all, the galaxy has … Continue reading

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Life’s interstellar routes

Could life have arrived in our solar system aboard an interstellar meteorite? While meteorites from Mars reach other bodies in our solar system, any solar system meteorites similarly dispatched to other planetary systems hurtle through at 10 kilometres per second … Continue reading

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