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Hawking no comparison with Einstein

Good for Roger Penrose in standing up to the Hawking-cult (represented by Lisa Randall), when he said Hawking’s achievements were “astounding” given his physical condition. so lightly debunking claims he was the greatest physicist of our time, comparable with Einstein. … Continue reading

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The Shell Collapsar established in GR

A consistent description is possible for gravitationally collapsed bodies in General Relativity, in which collapse stops before the object reaches its gravitational radius. Non-singular solutions exist with the density reaching a maximum close to the surface and then decreasing towards … Continue reading

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Gravitational collapse without black holes

The contemporary notion of black holes originates in Oppenheimer and Snyder’s 1939 article “On Continued Gravitational Contraction” (Phys. Rev. 56:455, 1939).  Later Roger Penrose (Phys. Rev. Lett. 14:57, 1965)  showed that the O&S metric gave rise to trapped surfaces, ie. … Continue reading

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Black Holes and whacky physics on BBC’s Horizon

The Horizon programme’s Who’s afraid of a big black hole (BBC2 16 Feb. and BBC4 19 Feb. 2012) shows how badly so-called ‘leading physicists’ have departed from solid analytical physics. This programme was a vehicle for physics-mystics; giving up on making their … Continue reading

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NAM2012: confronting astronomers’ Black-Hole claims

“Black holes are everywhere” and “lowest-mass black holes are formed when very massive stars eject most of their material into space leaving a compact core that collapses into a black hole”, declares the Royal Astronomical Society press release 12/20 of 27th … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking sad at seventy

How sad that Stephen Hawking struggles at interviews, has a flippant comment about women (‘a complete mystery’) widely reported, and lacks consistency in expressing belief or not in time travel via Black Holes/wormholes. Stephen Hawking’s problem is being no physicist while his mathematics of BHs … Continue reading

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Fields tell matter how to move

A key article challenges viewing gravity as geometry alone.   Its theme “Fields tell matter how to move”  is that gravitational waves establish the material status of the gravitational field, and thereby expose the inadequacy of the mantra “Gravity is geometry”.  The equivalent catch-phrase “Space tells matter how … Continue reading

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