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Hawking no comparison with Einstein

Good for Roger Penrose in standing up to the Hawking-cult (represented by Lisa Randall), when he said Hawking’s achievements were “astounding” given his physical condition. so lightly debunking claims he was the greatest physicist of our time, comparable with Einstein. … Continue reading

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Black Holes and whacky physics on BBC’s Horizon

The Horizon programme’s Who’s afraid of a big black hole (BBC2 16 Feb. and BBC4 19 Feb. 2012) shows how badly so-called ‘leading physicists’ have departed from solid analytical physics. This programme was a vehicle for physics-mystics; giving up on making their … Continue reading

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Wave neutrinics – new territory of the neutrino

 Alice has a pot at Jim Al-Khalili’s rash promise….. So neutrinos might – just might – go faster than light. Maybe some neutrinos go faster than some light – maybe. Let’s face it, we don’t really understand neutrinos as much as … Continue reading

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Failure of principle in New Scientist welcome to Smolin’s Phase Space

New Scientist writer, Amanda Gefter is in deep trouble, endorsing a ‘theory’  in which observers can’t agree on measurements made in space-time. It breaches the fundamental principle of a universe independent of observers. Secondly it breaches causality – space and … Continue reading

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Einstein’s sceptics: relativity deniers??

Wazeck ignores legitimate scientific criticisms of GR Irrational critics of radical changes in scientific thinking are to be expected – and as scientists we have to address them with patience and forbearance.  But the example of Einstein’s 1915 general relativity … Continue reading

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Einstein’s GR is thriving as Theory of Gravitation

GR is thriving despite newest guru Ferreira.  How curious that Pedro Ferreira views General Relativity (GR) as unchanged since the Einstein-Hilbert field equation of 1915 (New Scientist, 9 Oct. 2010, Relativity goes large).  Einstein’s prediction of gravitational radiation (quadrupole formula) … Continue reading

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Skating over TOE troubles by Duff ‘Instant Expert’

Physics Unification founded on disintegrating foundations (New Scientist mag. 4th June) Einstein sought a Unified Field Theory, but those who claim to follow him in chasing a field-free Theory Of Everything should beware the disintegrating basis. Duff accepts the Standard Model … Continue reading

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