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Higgs-like particle

Such was the hype in billing the CERN results that the science teams were forced to come up with something definite. And that has persisted despite scientists soon questioning the fundamentalist claims: the Higgs boson does not relate to the … Continue reading

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Crunch-time over Higgs

The ATLAS group at CERN claims to see a ‘hint’ of Higgs in their event statistics around energies of 125 GeV. As fields and particles are viewed as complementary, why does the Higgs Field get little mention. Does the term … Continue reading

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‘The Big Questions’ – do physicists agree?

Colin Blakemore says (Radio 4 interview by Jim Al-Khalili, 8 Nov.) that physicists agree on the ‘big questions’, while neuroscientists don’t – not even agree that the origin of consciousness is a big question. Do physicists really agree?? Eg. do we … Continue reading

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Neutrinos do Cherenkov, don’t they?

CERN theorists seem baffled, but it’s no surprise that standard physics predicts supraluminal (FtL) neutrinos to slow down via Cherenkov radiation analogous to FtL charged particles, although Cohen & Glashow call it bremstrahlung of electron-positron pairs. Cherenkov radiation is best depicted by analogy with … Continue reading

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Horava is no match for Einstein’s Space-Time

Peter Horava v. Einstein:  no contest! What does Peter Horava offer us physicists, for scrapping Einstein’s central concept of space-time (New Scientist cover story: Rethinking Einstein:The end of space-time)? His proposal to remove Lorentz symmetry means no longer is the … Continue reading

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Skating over TOE troubles by Duff ‘Instant Expert’

Physics Unification founded on disintegrating foundations (New Scientist mag. 4th June) Einstein sought a Unified Field Theory, but those who claim to follow him in chasing a field-free Theory Of Everything should beware the disintegrating basis. Duff accepts the Standard Model … Continue reading

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Round-electron challenge to mainstream physics

At last the cautious BBC voices physicists’ majority view that Gravity is not explained by the “Standard Model” of physics (Pallab Ghosh 25 May 2011) – meaning ‘gravitons’ are unreal –  in an  offhand comment on the electron-is-round story. Modern … Continue reading

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