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Collapsed supermassive stars – or “Black Holes” ?

On the supermassive collapsed star alternative to a “Black Hole”  When a star has burnt up all of its nuclear fuel, it collapses under its own gravitational field. The received wisdom is that no other force of nature is strong … Continue reading

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Einstein’s GR is thriving as Theory of Gravitation

GR is thriving despite newest guru Ferreira.  How curious that Pedro Ferreira views General Relativity (GR) as unchanged since the Einstein-Hilbert field equation of 1915 (New Scientist, 9 Oct. 2010, Relativity goes large).  Einstein’s prediction of gravitational radiation (quadrupole formula) … Continue reading

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Horava is no match for Einstein’s Space-Time

Peter Horava v. Einstein:  no contest! What does Peter Horava offer us physicists, for scrapping Einstein’s central concept of space-time (New Scientist cover story: Rethinking Einstein:The end of space-time)? His proposal to remove Lorentz symmetry means no longer is the … Continue reading

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Fields tell matter how to move

A key article challenges viewing gravity as geometry alone.   Its theme “Fields tell matter how to move”  is that gravitational waves establish the material status of the gravitational field, and thereby expose the inadequacy of the mantra “Gravity is geometry”.  The equivalent catch-phrase “Space tells matter how … Continue reading

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