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Why Space has Three Dimensions

Why Space has Three Dimensions   – see Matthew Chalmers, New Sci 28 Sept 2013 That space is 3-D follows from electromagnetic and gravitational theory, both being experimentally validated and both free of quantum theory’s offence to views of reality (Chalmers, … Continue reading

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Neutrinos do Cherenkov, don’t they?

CERN theorists seem baffled, but it’s no surprise that standard physics predicts supraluminal (FtL) neutrinos to slow down via Cherenkov radiation analogous to FtL charged particles, although Cohen & Glashow call it bremstrahlung of electron-positron pairs. Cherenkov radiation is best depicted by analogy with … Continue reading

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Parametric conversion in semi-classical optics

Poster-paper at the Aharonov Bohm and Berry Phase Anniversary (ABB 50/25) Conference at Bristol, 14-15 December 2009: Trevor W Marshall & Max K Wallis (Cardiff University) The rainbow of down-converted radiation emerging from a laser-pumped nonlinear crystal has a natural … Continue reading

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Can we celebrate Defeat for the Photon by Maxwell-Planck theory?

Success for SPUC and Maxwell-Planck theory is reported in Wikipedia as “experimental prediction of SED dubbed ‘spontaneous parametric up-conversion’ (SPUC) was tested in 2009 and 2010 with positive results.”   [consulted 1 Aug.2011] The formulations of both the Chinese (2009) and Indian (2010) … Continue reading

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Counter-examples to the photon model – striking at fundamentals of the beleaguered string theory

Scientists interested in micromanipulation predict that certain micron-sized particles experience a backward force from a forward propagating light beam.  Such a prediction is inexplicable on the photon model of light.  The Chinese group’s paper uses the Lorentz-Mie expansion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading

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Skating over TOE troubles by Duff ‘Instant Expert’

Physics Unification founded on disintegrating foundations (New Scientist mag. 4th June) Einstein sought a Unified Field Theory, but those who claim to follow him in chasing a field-free Theory Of Everything should beware the disintegrating basis. Duff accepts the Standard Model … Continue reading

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Round-electron challenge to mainstream physics

At last the cautious BBC voices physicists’ majority view that Gravity is not explained by the “Standard Model” of physics (Pallab Ghosh 25 May 2011) – meaning ‘gravitons’ are unreal –  in an  offhand comment on the electron-is-round story. Modern … Continue reading

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