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Physicists’ crits of String Theory

Wikipedia summarises String theory as an active research mathematical framework in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity (GR). It is a contender for the theory of everything (TOE), a manner of describing the known fundamental forces … Continue reading

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Origins2011: Denial of panspermia to Europa

Several moons of the giant planets that are substantially of ice possess probable internal oceans if they have internal heating sources (Kevin Hand; 7a-1).  Concerned to argue their biology would be independent and therefore novel, he dismissed panspermia from Earth.  … Continue reading

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Origins2011: Challenge to Astrobiology as Science

Who dares question astrobiology as science? The challenge to Astrobiology as science in Poster P9-6 appears misconceived.  First, it  is not an “emerging science” but an assemblage of scientific  disciplines covering emergence and evolution of life in the universe (cf. … Continue reading

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15 Years since NASA claimed martian life in ALH84001

15 Years since NASA claimed signs of martian life in ALH84001 President Bill Clinton made a speech to make the discovery of signs of life in this martian meteorite.  David McKay’s paper in Science in 1996 became one of the … Continue reading

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Einstein’s sceptics: relativity deniers??

Wazeck ignores legitimate scientific criticisms of GR Irrational critics of radical changes in scientific thinking are to be expected – and as scientists we have to address them with patience and forbearance.  But the example of Einstein’s 1915 general relativity … Continue reading

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Zeilinger’s anthropocentric Quantum Mechanics

Extraordinary New Scientist endorsement of anthropocentrism Regarding mankind and our activities as central to the universe (anthropocentrism) has long been regarded as anti-scientific.  Yet Anil Ananthaswamy endorses the latest utterance of Anton Zeilinger: There is no sense in assuming that what … Continue reading

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Last century astrobiology from ‘instant expert’ Caleb Sharf

Astrobiology “Instant Expert” sneers at panspermia What to make of Caleb Sharf, head of an Astrobiology Centre in New York, brought in by New Scientist as an “instant expert” (New Scientist, 7 May 2011)? He seems ‘expert’ only in the … Continue reading

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