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Gruber Prize for LIGO team’s gravitational waves

The 2016 Gruber Cosmology Prize of $500 000 award citation reads: The Gruber Foundation proudly presents the 2016 Cosmology Prize to Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, Ronald Drever, and the entire LIGO team for pursuing a vision to observe the universe … Continue reading

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Black Holes and whacky physics on BBC’s Horizon

The Horizon programme’s Who’s afraid of a big black hole (BBC2 16 Feb. and BBC4 19 Feb. 2012) shows how badly so-called ‘leading physicists’ have departed from solid analytical physics. This programme was a vehicle for physics-mystics; giving up on making their … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking sad at seventy

How sad that Stephen Hawking struggles at interviews, has a flippant comment about women (‘a complete mystery’) widely reported, and lacks consistency in expressing belief or not in time travel via Black Holes/wormholes. Stephen Hawking’s problem is being no physicist while his mathematics of BHs … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking – famous, but hardly a Scientist

Hawking’s 70th birthday is generating comments like “the world’s most famous scientist”. The BBC Radio interview has him boasting of his book “The Brief History of Time” as the biggest ‘best seller’. It’s also said to be the ‘most unread … Continue reading

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Why not use ns-pulses before Faster-than-Light claim?

New FtL experiment to use nanosecond pulses The previous experiment with microsecond pulses (1000ns) that measured the average delay time at ~60ns was very dependent on the statistical analysis and sensitive to detection bias (later detections being slightly less probable than … Continue reading

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Origins2011: fossils from Mars – avoiding the ‘awkward issue’

Fossils from Mars – are astrobiologists avoiding the ‘awkward issue’ ? Science writer and editor at the Washington Post, Marc Kaufman placed the institutionalising and expansion of modern astrobiology as starting with NASA’s 1996 announcement of evidence for life from the … Continue reading

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Astrobiology = mainstream science, not protoscience

Astrobiology is mainstream Science, but String theory only emerging ‘Protoscience’ Prasanta Bandyopadhyay and colleagues at the interface between Astrobiology & Philosophy, at Montana State University, have responded to the criticism of their Origins 2011 Poster. Astrobiology is to be seen … Continue reading

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