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Astrobiology = mainstream science, not protoscience

Astrobiology is mainstream Science, but String theory only emerging ‘Protoscience’ Prasanta Bandyopadhyay and colleagues at the interface between Astrobiology & Philosophy, at Montana State University, have responded to the criticism of their Origins 2011 Poster. Astrobiology is to be seen … Continue reading

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Origins2011: Challenge to Astrobiology as Science

Who dares question astrobiology as science? The challenge to Astrobiology as science in Poster P9-6 appears misconceived.  First, it  is not an “emerging science” but an assemblage of scientific  disciplines covering emergence and evolution of life in the universe (cf. … Continue reading

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Last century astrobiology from ‘instant expert’ Caleb Sharf

Astrobiology “Instant Expert” sneers at panspermia What to make of Caleb Sharf, head of an Astrobiology Centre in New York, brought in by New Scientist as an “instant expert” (New Scientist, 7 May 2011)? He seems ‘expert’ only in the … Continue reading

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