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Tracks of micro-life on the hadean Earth

Mega-impacts of asteroids/comets were driving the terrestrial habitat in the hadean epoch >3.8 Gyr ago. Rather than sterilising the Earth, these impacts made it suitable for early primitive life, whether de-novo or seeded from space. 13-C depletion in graphitic carbon … Continue reading

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The Shell Collapsar established in GR

A consistent description is possible for gravitationally collapsed bodies in General Relativity, in which collapse stops before the object reaches its gravitational radius. Non-singular solutions exist with the density reaching a maximum close to the surface and then decreasing towards … Continue reading

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LIGO’s new Gravitational Pulse – puzzling for Black-Hole interpretations

The four instances of the inspiral-merger pattern of a gravitation pulse from coalescing binary objects are over-interpreted and raise statistical questions. The final ring-down is too weak to distinguish exotic ‘Black Hole’ mergers from neutron star mergers. Why no identifications of the expected closer smaller merging events? The extraordinary claim to ‘primordial’ Black Holes is based on uncertain indications of spins. Continue reading

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Fixing the Nobel prize for LIGO/gravitational-waves comes unstuck

They got the application in by the 31 January deadline, stimulated a lot of endorsements and swept up an array of other awards – Gruber Cosmology Prize, the Kavli Prize in Astrophysics, the Shaw Prize in Astronomy, Special Breakthrough Prize … Continue reading

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Do details in LIGO’s signals distinguish ‘frozen stars’ from ‘black hole’ interpretations

R. J. Spivey argues that “Coincident down-chirps in GW150914 betray the absence of event  horizons”.  The LIGO discovery is said to confirm Einstein’s gravitation theory, yet Einstein (in 1939) gave mathematical grounds for dismissing the notion that black holes exist, … Continue reading

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Second Gravitational Wave signal – Coalescing binary components, not Black Holes

Following the February discovery, a second signal was found by the same LIGO team in the ‘noise’, by looking for a pulse of waves of increasing frequency in the two detectors.  This pulse is longer (~55 waves compared with ~10 previously) … Continue reading

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Gruber Prize for LIGO team’s gravitational waves

The 2016 Gruber Cosmology Prize of $500 000 award citation reads: The Gruber Foundation proudly presents the 2016 Cosmology Prize to Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, Ronald Drever, and the entire LIGO team for pursuing a vision to observe the universe … Continue reading

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