Higgs science in turmoil

New Scientist shines some realism into the Higgs-hype in reporting (by Slezak and Grossman, 14 July) from some of the scientists involved

“…beginning of the end of the standard model” (Georg Weiglein)
Rates of decay into pairs of other particles are different from predicted (especially the decay into photon pair), so that the Higgs could be a composite (Alex Pomarol), not a fundamental particle after all.

Higgs doesn’t cover photons which, being mass-less, are supposed to slip unhindered through the Higgs field. It tells us nothing about the neutrino, perhaps also mass-less. Nor does it cover the majority of matter in the galaxy – “dark matter”.

Rather than the discovery of the Higgs being a keystone, they now say the standard model doesn’t include gravity and gravitons and quote Steven Weinberg “it’s crucial to keep looking for a more comprehensive theory”.

Lisa Grossman changed her tune from only one week earlier (Let the Higgs games begin, New Scientist, 7th July) when she claimed the ‘standard’ “model is one of the most successful in physics” and wrote than knowing the Higgs’ mass should give us a theory explaining the varied masses of ‘fundamental’ particles, dark matter and gravity. A severe affliction of hope trumping reason, as spawned ‘Higgsteria‘.


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