Self-bending wave packets – a counter-example to the photon model

Self-bending light-beams are predicted in a new PRL paper called Nondiffracting Accelerating Wave Packets of Maxwell’s Equations (April 2012)

Previously ‘Airy’ wave packet solutions had been found and demonstrated experimentally, but diffraction for finite angles of bending tend to destroy them.  ‘Airy’ plasmons propagating at an air-conductor interface do show self-healing properties and bend while retaining a beam-like form to a distance of 10-20 μm.

The new non-diffracting solutions of Maxwell’s equations are much superior, propagating in vacuo in a 90 degree arc in just 35μm.  The  ‘photon’ model of light has no counterpart to these exact vector-solutions of the full Maxwell equations.  This adds to the examples of photon-failures described earlier.

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