Stephen Hawking – famous, but hardly a Scientist

Hawking’s 70th birthday is generating comments like “the world’s most famous scientist”. The BBC Radio interview has him boasting of his book “The Brief History of Time” as the biggest ‘best seller’. It’s also said to be the ‘most unread book’.

For millions of people, the interviewer said, Hawking is the iconic scientist.

How sad is that for modern science!  Take two of his statements:
** I can’t predict human behaviour as there are too many equations to solve
** Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity seems to offer the possibility that we could create wormholes (in space-time and) ….use them for rapid travel around the galaxy or travel back in time.

The first shows unscientific belief in mathematical equations, disregarding limitations and insuperable obstacles in describing complex organisms mathematically. The second describes an added chapter to “The Brief History…” of speculation that runs contrary to physical principles.

Though he denied it in the interview, Hawking is a showman – who propounds speculative cosmology based on unphysical conjecture and mathematical formalism, far removed from what should be recognised as activity of scientists.

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