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Stephen Hawking sad at seventy

How sad that Stephen Hawking struggles at interviews, has a flippant comment about women (‘a complete mystery’) widely reported, and lacks consistency in expressing belief or not in time travel via Black Holes/wormholes. Stephen Hawking’s problem is being no physicist while his mathematics of BHs … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking – famous, but hardly a Scientist

Hawking’s 70th birthday is generating comments like “the world’s most famous scientist”. The BBC Radio interview has him boasting of his book “The Brief History of Time” as the biggest ‘best seller’. It’s also said to be the ‘most unread … Continue reading

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The Higgs after Einstein’s Unified Field Theory

After the Higgs  mania, in the cold light of 2012, let’s think back to the basic scepticism of reality-physicists for the current ‘standard model’ and string ‘theory’ – which is a string of conjectures without principles such as energy conservation.  Einstein wrote in the 1931 Commemoration … Continue reading

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