Crunch-time over Higgs

The ATLAS group at CERN claims to see a ‘hint’ of Higgs in their event statistics around energies of 125 GeV.

As fields and particles are viewed as complementary, why does the Higgs Field get little mention. Does the term “God field” lack punch? Does the particle “boson” grab you, while the “boson field” lacks umph?

The Higgs field – in the Standard Model – consists of two neutral and two charged component fields while the Higgs boson is the particle associated with it.

Proponents of the ‘standard model’ have long avoided the issue of the ‘graviton’, the particle supposed to be associated with the gravity field, but given little credibility by physicists. So are we not right to be highly sceptical of the ‘higgs’? Non-detection would be a blow to the ‘standard model’ community, so claims to detection are over-influenced by self-interest.

As detection implies a new higgs-energy field, let’s not forget it would make an interesting addition to the Einstein-Hilbert field equation.

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