Let’s dare to question quantum magic!

What a surprise from New Scientist’s editor.  Has caught on to the criticisms from a “small band of rebels” starting from Einstein, who point out quantum mechanics does not describe one of its central tenets, namely collapse of the wave function caused by an observer.  Now Steven Weinberg has come out as a rebel, demanding a formulation that excludes the ‘observer’.  The new relativistic form of continuous spontaneous localisation, described by David Shiga’s article, still requires the trigger of a measuring device.  But external fluctuations could provide a trigger too, so doesn’t this lead back to Planck’s zeropoint fluctuations being essential?  And provide the alternative to quantum magic, so resolving not just a “flaw” as the editorial terms it, but fundamental inconsistency “in the great edifice of quantum mechanics”.

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1 Response to Let’s dare to question quantum magic!

  1. I have always been a fan of your work. I will post a link to your website on mine later today. You may be already be aware of my work on gamm-ray and alpha-ray coincidence experiments that defy quantum prediction. Please see unquantum.net
    Three cheers to you.

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