Neutrinos do Cherenkov, don’t they?

CERN theorists seem baffled, but it’s no surprise that standard physics predicts supraluminal (FtL) neutrinos to slow down via Cherenkov radiation analogous to FtL charged particles, although Cohen & Glashow call it bremstrahlung of electron-positron pairs. Cherenkov radiation is best depicted by analogy with the sonic boom of a supersonic projectile – a sonic boom in the electromagnetic field from a supersonic particle. Likewise, a FtL neutrino would generate a sonic boom in the gravitational field and slow down to ‘c’ (not lower as suggested).

Another argument (neutrino-reaction) is that light is slowed below ‘c’ due to transient electron-positron pairs – zeropoint vacuum fields – but neutrinos are not slowed. This forgets that the field energy has an equivalent gravitating mass (E/c2), which decreases ‘c’ below cvaccuum – FtL neutrinos slowed to ‘c’ by Cherenkov-type emission.

It seems physicists need reminding that the powerful Einstein-Hilbert gravitational field equation includes source terms from field-energy, both gravitational and electromagnetic. Depicting fields as particles – whether gravitons or photons – can readily mislead.

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