Can we celebrate Defeat for the Photon by Maxwell-Planck theory?

Success for SPUC and Maxwell-Planck theory is reported in Wikipedia as

“experimental prediction of SED dubbed ‘spontaneous parametric up-conversion’ (SPUC) was tested in 2009 and 2010 with positive results.”   [consulted 1 Aug.2011]

The formulations of both the Chinese (2009) and Indian (2010) groups appear to fit well with our 2002 prediction and the technical description presented at the Bristol ABB conference.  The new studies show

## the cutting angle of the BBO crystal must be such as to avoid confusion with second harmonic generation (SHG)

## the need for a large (20 degree) conical angle, which contrasts with the very small angles used with Lithium Iodate in the earlier Italian experiments.

## the dependence on crystal thickness confirms exponential growth of the SPUC and SPDC signals.

## acknowledgement by the Chinese group that SPUC occurs as a consequence of interaction between the zeropoint (“quantum noise”) and the laser components.

Their reference to “early nonlinear optics” relates to the analysis in the 1960s, by people like Bloembergen and Kleinmann, as stressed in 2002.

These results underline the inadequacy of post-1960s nonlinear (that is Quantum) optics, whereby a laser “photon” converts into two lower-energy photons (SPDC).  Both groups confirm SPUC, that is the outgoing cone may contain components whose frequency is higher than the laser.  If the claims about excluding SHG are correct, the results give us grounds for celebrating the long-awaited confirmation of the 2002 prediction.

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