Origins2011: extending Darwin to inanimate systems…..

Addy Pross (L1b-1)argued to reformulate Darwininan theory in physico-chemical terms for systems with energy input (non-thermodynamic) and diversification (as Darwin’s principle of divergence). He inferred from this a concept of Dynamic Kinetic Stability which amounts to a driver to complexification of both biotic and abiotic-systems.

A basic objection (from Fred Hoyle etc.) is from information theory – new information content cannot increase in a closed system.  This limitation is overcome by including diverse and variable environments in the system – surely the changing environment is an essential driver of diversity, I commented.  Ability of organisms to adapt to environmental variations is analogous to stability of inanimate systems or stability of ecosystems (containing a complexity of organisms).

Addy Pross replied he doesn’t agree, but we await a considered response.

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