Zeilinger’s anthropocentric Quantum Mechanics

Extraordinary New Scientist endorsement of anthropocentrism

Regarding mankind and our activities as central to the universe
(anthropocentrism) has long been regarded as anti-scientific.  Yet
 endorses the latest utterance of Anton Zeilinger:

There is no sense in assuming that what we don’t measure about a system has an independent reality.  (New Scientist 25 June, p.13)

Schrödinger’s darned Cat will be laughing her socks off, when she escapes from the box while the experimenter sleeps, then scratches his eyes out.  It was her master who introduced the ‘entanglement’ hypothesis, which Zeilinger used to supposedly establish that the unobserved Cat has no “independent reality”.

Extraordinary claims require an extraordinary level of proof.  Zeilinger’s
statistical analysis depends on
‘fair  sampling’, assuming that his photo-detectors show no enhancement of any class of signals. This was a key limitation of the Aspect experiment and other optical Bell test experiments – let’s expect it to likewise cause Zeilinger’s downfall.

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