Round-electron challenge to mainstream physics

At last the cautious BBC voices physicists’ majority view that Gravity is not explained by the “Standard Model” of physics (Pallab Ghosh 25 May 2011) – meaning ‘gravitons’ are unreal –  in an  offhand comment on the electron-is-round story.

Modern physics is trying to get to grips with a finite size electron.  The egg-shape predicted by  the supersymmetry model is close to being excluded by
the latest experiments (Jony Hudson et al. at Imperial College).

The Kapitsa-Dirac model is also up for question. Diffraction patterns in a beam of point electrons scattered by a standing wave of light were predicted by Kapitsa and Dirac, as a quantum mechanical effect.  This gave a basis for electron ‘duality’ as having wave as well as particle characteristics.  But if the electron is not a ‘point’ charge, but has size and structure, the diffraction pattern may reflect resonances in the interaction.

Will this help challenge unified field theory by exposing the myth of the photon, returning to ‘photons are waves, but electrons are particles’ ?

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