Light as Waves versus Quantum Mechanics of Photons

Three challenges to fans of QM ‘photons’

** Afshar’s 2-slit experiment: shows light ‘photons’ propagate as waves – discrete signals are created by the detection process (photo-electric effect)

** Down-conversion in crystals: the rainbow from a laser beam passing through a crystal follow from Maxwells electromagnetic wave theory for a non-linear medium – QM’s momentum relation is no explanation and does not cover high frequency up-converted emissions.

** Impulses from convergent beams: a laser gives atoms lower momentum kicks when the beam is focused (convergent), explained by the electromagnetic wave fields – QM has absorbed ‘photons’ delivering only discrete impulses independent of convergence.

A clear win for Maxwell’s field equations over QM, yet ignored by current journalists for New Scientist !

Further Reading:  Quantum Electrodynamics and Photons on

see comment below on New Scientist’s : ‘don’t fear the f-word’  and on  New Scientist mission to rescue ‘spooky action at a distance’

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  1. Why are you leaving our my work? I am including yours in my references.

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