A ‘colourful death’ for the Higgs ‘god’ particle?

New Scientist’s argument and presentation of data pointing to a ‘colourful death’ of the Higgs (New Sci. 16 April p.8-9) hit the national media (Independent 18 April). Yet rather than altering the laws of physics with the introduction of a fifth force, the prospect is that fundamental particle theory could be deposed from its pretentious pedestal.

Most physicists do not accept the “standard model” of four fundamental particles corresponding to four fundamental forces. There’s no evidence for the “graviton” linked to gravity. The photon corresponding to electromagnetic forces can be similarly questioned.

Gravitation and electromagnetic fields are real entities, as conceived by the great Michael Faraday and modelled mathematically by Maxwell and Einstein. Particle physics has gone astray – the many still loyal to Faraday will cheer when theories on the Higgs boson bite the dust.

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