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Higgs fans get desperate

The Hadron-collider people are getting desperate, talking of a ‘hint’ of the Higgs boson in response to the arguments for its ‘colourful death’ (New Sci. 16 April p.8-9).  They have a lot of investment, material and cultural, in the Higgs, … Continue reading

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A ‘colourful death’ for the Higgs ‘god’ particle?

New Scientist’s argument and presentation of data pointing to a ‘colourful death’ of the Higgs (New Sci. 16 April p.8-9) hit the national media (Independent 18 April). Yet rather than altering the laws of physics with the introduction of a … Continue reading

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Fields tell matter how to move

A key article challenges viewing gravity as geometry alone.   Its theme “Fields tell matter how to move”  is that gravitational waves establish the material status of the gravitational field, and thereby expose the inadequacy of the mantra “Gravity is geometry”.  The equivalent catch-phrase “Space tells matter how … Continue reading

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